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Irish athletes in the European Junior Championships

The following is a list of all Irish athletes who competed in the European Junior Championships.  Their performances are also shown, where known.  Waterford athletes are shown in blue and National records in green.  A red asterix *denotes athletes who competed, subsequently, in the Olympic Games in an individual event.  See how these athletes performed in the Olympic Games by visiting our page - Irish Olympians

1970, I Paris-Colombes, France Sept 11/13

Aideen Morrison, 100m, 7th round 1 (ht1, -1.6), 13.2secs; Elizabeth Mountain, 800m, 4th round 1 (ht1), 2:20.5; Jean Appleby, 800m, 5th round 1 (ht3), 2:20.0; 

Tony Flannery, 100m, 6th round 1 (ht4, +0.1), 11.18secs; Denis O'Connell, 400m, 7th round 1 (ht2), 50.29secs; Kevin Humphries, 800m, 6th round 1 (ht1), 1:54.7; John Dillon, 400mH, 6th round 1 (ht1), 53.84secs; Tom Gregan, 1500m, 5th round 1 (ht1), 3:48.3 (NJR); 7th final, 3:56.21; Dan Murphy, 3000m, round 1 (ht2), 8:23.6; 10th final, 8:43.0; 4x400m Relay, [Denis O'Connell, Tom Brennan, Kevin Humphries, John Dillon], 7th, 3:21.0; Bill Esmonde, Manager.


1973, Duisburg, Germany Aug 24/26

Joan Fleming, 800m, 6th round 1 (ht3), 2:11.67; 8th (s/f 2), 2:16.33; 

Neil O'Shaughnessy,*800m, 6th round 1 (ht3), 1:53.40; 7th (s/f2), 1:52.44; Mick O'Shea, 1500m, 7th round 1 (ht2), 3:49.72; Frank Murphy,*3000m, 5th round 1 (ht1), 8:23.0; DNF final; Gerry Deegan, 2000m S/C, 10th round 1 (ht2), 5:58.4; Brendan Curtin, Decathlon, 16th, 6303pts, ( 11.56secs, 6.55m, 11.58m, 1.80m, 51.59secs - 15.95secs, 33.04m, 3.20m, 49.38m, 4:59.30); Al Guy, Manager.


1975, Athens, Greece, Aug 22/24 

Mary Appleby, 800m, 5th round 1 (ht2), 2:08.8; 6th Final, 2:08.3; 

Dermot Browne, 100m, 6th round 1 (ht1), 10.96secs; Ray Flynn,*1500m, 5th round 1 (ht1), 3:50.1; 10th final, 3:51.6; Mick Byrne, 3000m, 7th round 1 (ht1), 8:35.4; John Treacy,* 5000m, 2nd round 1 (ht1), 14:37.4; 2nd final, 14:19.2; Gerry Finnegan, 5000m, 6th round 1 (ht2), 14:38.0; Colm Cronin, Long Jump, 20th, 6.73m; Triple Jump, 9th, 15.08m; Al Guy, Manager; Fr. Des Fahey, Coach.


1970, Donetsk, U.S.S.R., Aug 19/21

Nora O'Grady, 100mH, 7th round 1 (ht1), 14.95secs; Marita Walton, Shot, 9th, 13.27m; Discus, 13th, 41.44m; Patricia Walsh,*Discus, 12th, 42.36m; 

Joe Ryan, 100m, 2nd round 1, (ht1),10.93secs; DNS 2nd round (Hamstring tear); 200m, DNS; David Ball, 3000m, 10th round 1 (ht1), 8:40.8; Richard Fallon, High Jump, (qual. rd/2.07m) 17th, 2.00m; Joe Brice, Discus, 12th,  45.52m; Mark Linscheid,*Hammer, 14th, 51.62m; Declan O'Donoghue, Manager; Philip Conway, Coach.


1979, Bydgosczc, Poland, Aug 16/19 

Michelle Walsh, 100m, 1st round 1 (ht 3, +0.9), 11.72secs; 3rd (s/f 2, +1.5) 11.66secs; 4th final (-1.6), 11.64secs; 200m, 2nd round 1 (ht4, -3.5), 24.26secs; 4th (s/f2, -0.3), 23.74secs; 6th final (-0.4), 23.78secs; Patricia Amond, 100m, 3rd round 1 (ht1, +1.9) 12.15secs; 4th s/f1, +0/7),12.08secs; 8th final (-1.6), 12.19; 200m, 3rd round 1 (h2, +1.1), 24.18secs; 4th (s/f 1, +0.6), 23.86secs; 8th final (-0.4), 24.13secs; Carol Meagan, 1500m, 6th round 1, (ht1) 4:26.48; Bridget Corrigan, High Jump, (qual. round/1.78m), 21st, 1.60m; 

Tom Moloney, 800m, 2nd round 1 (ht4), 1:50.61; 4th s/f1, 1:50.45; 8th final, 1:53.50; Paul O'Donovan,* 3000m, 10th round 1, (ht1), 8:33.65; Brian O'Keeffe, 3000m, 11th round 1 (ht2), 8:35.16; Ronnie Carroll, 5000m, 6th round 1, (ht2), 14:17.98; 15th Final, 14:48.04; Jimmy Fallon, 5000m, 10th round 1 (ht1), 14:51.68; Declan Hegarty,*Hammer, qual. rd., 9th 59.58m; final, 11th, 59.00m; Chris Ball, Hammer, qual. rd., 14th, 58.30m; Bobby Begley, Manager; Philip Conway, Coach.


1981, Utrecht, Netherlands, Aug 20/23

Aisling Molloy, 800m, 6th round 1 (ht1), 2:13.41; Bridget Corrigan, High Jump, (qual. rd./1.83m), =16th, 1.70m; 

Denis Finnerty, 110mH, 7th round 1 (ht2, +1.6), 15.15secs; 400mH, round 1 (ht1), 54.41secs; 6th s/f2, 54.77secs; Brian O'Keeffe, 3000m, 4th round 1 (ht1), 8:21.83; 6th final, 8:08.52; Jim Sheahan, 2000m S/C, 5th round 1 (ht2), 5:46.03; 11th final, 5:51.48; Richard Garvey, High Jump, qual. rd./2.11m, 19th, 2.00m; P. L. Curran, Manager; Larry O'Byrne, Coach.


1983, Schwechat, Austria, Aug 25/28

Olive Burke, 100mH, 6th round 1 (ht3, -1.5), 14.32secs; Patricia Walsh, 400m, 1st round 1 (ht2), 54.20secs; 5th s/f1, 54.20secs; 

Derek O'Connor, 100m, 4th round 1 (ht3, -0.4), 10.77secs; 6th (s/f2, +0.9), 10.66secs; 200m, 1st round 1 (ht3, +1.6), 21.13secs; 5th (s/f1, +1.2), 21.29secs,  Eugene Curran, 800m, 6th round 1 (ht1), 1:49.48; 7th (s/f2), 1:52.47; Enda Fitzpatrick, 1500m, 4th round 1 (ht2), 3:46.95; 5th final, 3:43.71; Gerry O'Reilly,*3000m, 14th, 8:27.65; Paul O'Callaghan, 5000m, DNF; Gerry Horan, 400mH, 6th round 1 (ht2), 53.87secs; Ciaran McDunphy, 400mH, 8th round 1 (ht1), 53.74secs;


1985, Cottbus, Germany, Aug 22/25

Marie Walsh, 5k Walk, 21st, 28:32.10; Josephine Quinlan, 5k Walk, 22nd, 28:41.04; 

Paul O'Regan, 400m, 4th round 1 (ht1), 48.94secs; 4th (s/f1), 47.93secs; 7th final, 47.26secs; Eamonn Small, 400m, 6th round 1 (ht3), 50.16secs; Bernard O'Sullivan, 800m, 7th round 1 (ht1), 1:57.30; Nick O'Brien, 3000m, 1st round 1 (ht2), 8:15.00; 1st final, 8:10.75; Gary Halpin, Hammer, 8th, 61.32m (53.76, 61.16, 59.28, 61.32, 58.40, 60.60); Ronnie Long, Manager; Ciaran Coakley, Coach.


1987, Birmimgham, England, Aug 6/9

Paula Carty, 400mH, 6th round 1 (ht1), 62.63secs; Anita Philpot, 3000m, 6th, 9:15.64; Sonia O'Sullivan,*3000m, DNS; Aisling Ryan, 10,000m, 5th, 35:15.09; Edwina Foley, 10,000m, 11th, 39:10.84; Marie Walsh, 5k Walk, 14th, 26:03.60 (NJR); 4x400m Relay, [Joanne Fitzgerald, Terri McCarthy, Adrienne O'Hara, Valerie Burke], 5th (ht2), 3:49.25;

Richie Ryan, 200m, 5th round 1 (ht4, ,0.8), 21.96secs; Aidan O'Regan, 400m, 4th round 1 (ht2), 48.25secs; 5th (s/f2), 49.14secs; Brian Peppard, 800m, 6th round 1 (ht2), 1:53.58; 7th (s/f2), 1:53.81; Declan Kennedy, 800m, 6th round 1 (ht1) 1:55.13; Billy Mullaney, 1500m, 9th round 1 (ht2), 3:56.47; Davy Wilson, 5000m, 8th, 14:36.02; Seamus Hynes, 5000m, 10th, 14:38.65; Seamus O'Loan, 10,000m, 11th, 31:14.04; Victor Costello,*Shot, 9th, 15.87m; Nicky Sweeney,*Discus, 9th, 50.26m; Barry Walsh, Decathlon, 3rd, 7,336pts (11.60secs, 7.09m, 13.82m, 1.97m, 50.74secs, - 15.24secs, 44.92m, 3.50m, 58.24m, 4min 34.33secs);  Fr. Liam Kelliher, Manager; Mick McKeown, Coach.


1989, Varazdin, Yugoslavia, Aug 24/27

Marissa Smith, 200m, 4th round 1 (ht3, +1.2), 24.43secs; 8th (s/f1, +1.0), 24.64secs; Geraldine Hendricken, 1500m, 14th final, 4:31.14; Susan Smith,*100mH, 5th round 1 (ht1, -1.2), 14.42secs; Sharon Foley, High Jump, (qual. Rd/1.85m), 15th, 1.65m; Marie Walsh, 5k Walk, 13th Final, 24:54.81;  

Brendan Murphy, 400m, 5th round 1 (ht2), 48.58secs; 7th (s/f2), 48.64secs; Stephen Newman, 400m, 6th round 1 (ht3), 49.55secs; Niall Bruton,*1500m, 7th round 1 (ht1), 3:50.24 Niall Murphy, 5000m, 9th, round 1 (ht1), 14:30.17; DNF, final; John Murray, 3000m S/C, 13th round 1 (ht2), 9:37.41; Victor Costello,* Shot Putt, (qual. rd/16.20m) 9th, 16.52m; 12th final, 15.79m;  Men's Team, 4x400m Relay, (Liam Clinton, Ger Keating, Stephen Newman, Brendan Murphy), 3rd round 1 (ht2), 3:13.09; 8th final, 3:14.99  


1991, Thessaloniki, Greece, Aug 8/11

Natalie Davey, 1500m, 7th round 1 (ht1), 4:29.46; 

P. J. O'Rourke, 800m, 3rd round 1 (ht3), 1:53.44; 7th (s/f2), 1:51.33; Mark Carroll,*5000m, 1st final 14:19.88; John Murray, 3000m S/C, 7th final, 9:02.94; Colm Tobin, 400mH, 7th round 1 (ht1), 54.33secs; Dave Cullinan, 10k Walk, 15th, 45:20.71  N.B: Brendan Reilly,* High Jump, represented Great Britain in these championships.  He finished 2nd in qual. rd/2.14m, 2.14m;  5th in final, 2.23m


1993, San Sebastian, Spain, July 29/Aug 1

Deirdre Gallagher,* 5k Walk, 16th, 27:23.33; 

David Matthews,* 800m, 1st round 1 (ht3), 1:54.29; 3rd final, 1:54.00; David Healy, 5000m, 9th, 14:31.35; Antoine Burke, High Jump, (qual. rd/2.18m), 17th, 2.05m;  


1995, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, July 27/30

Gillian O'Sullivan,*5k Walk, 9th, 23:53.26; 

Ciaran McDonagh, Long Jump, 4th, 7.73m (7.75, 7.72, 7.58, Q, 7.61, x, 7.73); Jamie Costin,*10k Walk, 13th, 47:50.19; Brian Liddy, 400mH, Final DNF; James Nolan,*800m, 4th final, 1:48.43; Andrew Walker, 1500m, 11th final, 4:03.74; Alan Dunleavy, 5000m, 8th, 14:48.99; (Results Incomplete)


1997, Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 24/27

Aoife Hearne, 100m 6th round 1 (ht2, 0.00), 12.21secs;  Fiona Norwood, 400mH, 4th round 1, (ht1) 60.80secs; 

James Matthews, 400mH, DNF round 1 (ht3) ; David Keoghan, 400mH, 5th round 1 (ht1), 52.72secs (PB); Gareth Turnbull, 1500m, 2nd round 1 (ht2), 3:49.21; 3rd final, 3:48.16; Robert Heffernan, 10k Walk, 14th, 46:13.25; John Leahy, Shot Putt, 15th 15.78m (14.33m, 15.74m, 15.78m) 


1999, Riga, Latvia, Aug 5/8

Emily Maher, 100m, 3rd round 1 (ht1, +0.6),11,73secs; 4th final (-1.5), 11.72secs; 200m, 2nd round 1 (ht3, +1.0), 23.66secs; 4th final (+1.9), 23.70secs; Ciara Sheehy, 200m, 2nd round 1 (ht1, +0.4), 23.86secs; 3rd final, (+1.9), 23.49secs; Derval O'Rourke, 100mH, 4th round 1 (ht1, +1.3), 13.82secs; 

Francis McCaffrey, 800m, 7th Round 1 (ht2), 1:54.80; Conor Sweeney, 1500m, 3rd round 1 (ht1), 3:48.92; 8th Final, 3:47.48; Colm McClean, 1500m, 5th round 1 (ht2), 3:53.78; Michael Allen, Javelin, 10th round 1, 58.92m; (58.84m, 56.66m, 58.92m);

2001, Grosseto, Italy, July 19/22

Joanne Cuddihy, 400m, 4th 1st round (ht2), 54.97secs; 7th final, 54.58secs; Deirdre Ryan, High Jump, qual. round (grA), 1.79m; 

David McCarthy, 400m, 3rd 1st round (ht2) 47.51secs PB; 7th final, 47.83secs; David Kelly, 800m, 7th 1st round (ht2), 1:55.08; Liam Reale, 1500m, 4th  final, 3:48.93; Colin Griffin, 10k Walk, 9th final, 44:31.08   

2003, Tampere, Finland, July 24/27

Joanne Cuddihy, 400m, 1st round 1 (ht2), 53.38secs; 2nd final, 53.62secs; Erin Kinnear, Pole Vault, 15th qual. round, 3.60m; Anne Loughnane, 10k Walk, 13th (of 15), 51:49.51; Caitriona McMahon, 10k Walk, 15th (of 15), 55:08.97

Ciaran O'Connell, 800m, 3rd 1st round (ht4),1:52.65; 4th s/f2, 1:49.96; 8th final, 1:52.30; Thomas Chamney, 800m, 6th 1st round (ht1), 1:52.61; 8th s/f1, 1:52.30; Eoin Leen, Shot Putt, 8th qual round (gr2), 17.48m,  (16.51m, 16.87m, 17.48m)