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Irish athletes in the European Championships

The following is a list of all Irish athletes who competed in the European Championships.  Their performances are also shown.  Waterford athletes are shown in blue and National records in green.


1954 Berne   

Eamonn Kinsella, 110mH, 5th in Final, 14.7secs; Ronnie Delany, 800m, Final, 1:50.2; 3rd in final, 3:42.3;  Brendan O'Reilly, High Jump ??


1958 Stockholm

Eamonn Kinsella, 110mH, , Ronnie Delany, 1500m, 3rd in final, 3:42.3; Bertie Messitt, 5000m, round 1, 7th, 14:14.8; 10,000m, 15th, 30:19.8; John Lawlor, Hammer, 7th, 201' 8"


1962 Belgrade

Maeve Kyle, 400m, 6th in final, 57.5secs; 800m, round 1, 5th; Noel Carroll, 800m, round 1, 3rd; Derek McCleane, 800m, 5th in final, 1:51.3; Jim Hogan, 5000m, DNF; 10,000m, DNF; Bertie Messitt, Marathon, 13th


1966 Budapest

Maeve Kyle, 400m,  round 1, 5th, 55.4secs; 800m, round 1, 7th, 2:13.2; Noel Carroll, 800m, 1st in round 1, 1:48.1; 4th in s/f, 1:48.3; 8th in final, 1:47.9; Derek McCleane, 800m, round 1, 4th, 1:48.6; Ian Hamilton, 800m, round 1, 7th, 1:53.7; Frank Murphy, 1500m, round 1, 9th, 3:52.4; Tom O'Riordan, 5000m, round 1, 9th, 14;12.4; Jim McNamara, Marathon, DNF


1969 Athens 

Anne O'Brien, 1500m, round 1, 12th, 4:34.4; Noel Carroll, 800m, 7th in final, 1:49.1; Frank Murphy, 1500m, 2nd in final, 3:39.5; Mick Molloy, Marathon, 13th, 2:28:38.0


1971 Helsinki

Margaret Murphy, 100mH, round 1, 15.1secs; 8th S/F, 15.2secs; Long Jump, 17th, 5.73m; Claire Walsh, 800m, 2nd in round 1, 2:06.1; 4th in s/f, 2:03.4 (NR); 6th in final, 2:08.6; John Dillon, 400mH, round 1, 8th, 58.4; Frank Murphy, 1500m, round 1, 6th, 3:44.0; Donie Walsh, 5000m,  round 1, 11th, 14:12.6; 10,000m, 21st, 28:52.6; Danny McDaid, Marathon, 11th, 2:19.07.2; Paddy Coyle, Marathon, 39th, 2:30.45.0; Pat MacMahon, Marathon, DNF


1974 Rome

Claire Walsh, 400m, round 1, 6th, 54.15secs; Mary Purcell, 800m, round 1, 5th, 2:02.8 (NR); s/f, 6th, 2:04.0; 1500m, round 1, 5th, 4:15.1 (NR); John Hartnett, 1500m, round 1, 7th, 3:46.6; Eamonn Coghlan, 5000m, round 1, 7th, 14:29.6; Eddie Leddy, 3000m S/C, round 1, 8th, 9:04.6; Neil Cusack, Marathon, 8th in final, 2:22.05; Danny McDaid, Marathon, 12th, 2:25.07.8


1978 Prague

Michelle Walsh, 100m, round 1, 4th, 11.70secs; s/f 8th,11.95secs; 200m,  round 1, 5th, 23.99secs; Mary Appleby, 400mH, round 1, 4th, 57.66secs; s/f 5th, 57.36secs; Eamonn Coghlan, 1500m, 1st in round 1, 3:40.0; 2nd in final, 3:36.6; Ray Flynn, 1500m, round 1, 5th, 3:44.1; John Treacy, 5000m, 4th in final, 13:28.8; 10,000m, 11th, 28:17.0; Pat Hooper, Marathon, 27th, 2:20.28.8; Dick Hooper, Marathon, 29th, 2:21.00.2


1982 Athens

Monica Joyce, 3000m, 13th, 9:08.45; Louise McGrillen, 3000m, 19th, 9:20.60; Patricia Walsh, Discus, 15th; Carey May, Marathon, 18th, 2:52.07; Ray Flynn, 1500m, 3rd in round 1,  3:38.62; 8th in final, 3:40.44; Dave Taylor, 1500m, round 1, 3:43.86; John Woods, 10,000m, 17th, 29:39.88; Dick Hooper, Marathon, 11th, 2:20.51; Louis Kenny, Marathon, DNS; Sean Egan, Hammer, round 1, 66.96m


1986 Stuttgart

Patricia Walsh, 400m, round 1, 54.65secs; Philip Snoddy, 100m, round 1, 10.8secs; Derek O'Connor, 400m, round 1, 3rd, 46.09secs; s/f 5th, 45.94secs; Gerry Delaney, 400m, round 1, 46.88secs; Marcus O'Sullivan, 1500m, 1st in round 1,  3:39.02; 6th in final, 3:42.60; Frank O'Mara, 1500m, 3rd in round 1, 3:37.06; 8th in final, 3:42.90; Dave Taylor, 1500m, round 1, Elim.; John Treacy, 10,000m, 6th, 28:04.10; Brendan Quinn, 3000m S/C, round 1, DNF (Fell); Dick Hooper, Marathon, 16th, 2:15.45; Carlos O'Connell, Decathlon, 17th, 7312 points


1990 Split, Aug 27/Sept 1

Aisling Molloy, 800m, round 1, 2:01.14; 8th S/F, 2:04.20; Sonia O'Sullivan, 3000m, round 1, 5th, 8:55.12; 11th Final, 8:52.65; Roisin Smyth, 3000m, round 1, 7th, 9:01.06; 13th Final, 9:00.87; Valerie McGovern, 3000m; Christine Kennedy, Marathon, 12th, 2:41.38; Liz Bullen, Marathon, 18th, 2:53.45; T. J. Kearns, 110mH; Marcus O'Sullivan, 5000m, round 1, 5th, 13:43.74; DNF Final; Frank O'Mara, 5000m, round 1, 15th, 13:59.44;  Roy Dooney, Marathon; 15th, 2:22.58; John Fitzgerald, Marathon, 19th, 2:28.11; Dick Hooper, Marathon, 23rd, 2:32.36; Terry McHugh, Javelin; Michael Lane, 20k Walk, 21st, 1:35.04;


1994 Helsinki

Aisling Molloy, 800m, round 1, 8th, 2:08.46; Geraldine Nolan, 1500m, round 1, 4:10.84; Final ?; Sinéad Delahunty, 1500m, round 1, 8th, 4:12.16; Sonia O'Sullivan, 3000m, 1st in round 1, 8:51.30; 1st in final, 8:31.84; Anita Philpott, 3000m, round 1, 8:57.74; 12th Final, 8:54.79; Geraldine Hendricken, 3000m, round 1, 13th, 9:30.81; Catherina McKiernan, 10,000m, DNF; Laura Sharp, High Jump, round 1, 10th,1.85m; Deirdre Gallagher, 10k Walk, 25th Final, 48:50; T. J. Kearns, 110mH, round 1 (NR); s/f 6th, 13.60secs (NR); Seán Cahill, 110mH,  round 1, 8th; David Matthews, 800m, round 1; Niall Bruton, 1500m, round 1, 2nd, 3:37.54; 10th Final, 3:41.22; Marcus O'Sullivan, 1500m, round 1, 3:40.58; Frank O'Mara, 5000m; Noel Berkely, 5000m, round 1, 7th, 10,000m, 21st; Cormac Finnerty, 10,000m, 18th, 28:34.63; Tom McGuirk, 400m, round 1, 47.14secs; 400mH, round 1, 50.84secs (NR); Mark Mandy, High Jump, round 1, 2.15m; Terry McHugh, Javelin, round 1, 82.14m (NR); 7th in final, 80.46m; Nicky Sweeney, Discus, 4th in final, 63.76m


1998 Budapest, Aug 18/23

Karen Shinkins, 400m, 1st round (ht4), 3rd, 52.13secs, (NR);  s/f 1, 5th, 52.40secs; Sinead Delahunty, 1500m, s/f2, 5th, 4:09.62; final, 9th, 4:15.38; Sonia O'Sullivan, 5000m, 1st in final, 15:06.50 (CR); 10,000m, 1st in final, 31:29.33; Valerie Vaughan, 5000m, 7th in final, 15:39.99; Una English, 5000m, 14th final, 16:03.64; Susan Smith-Walsh, 100mH, 5th in s/f2, 13.51secs; 400mH,1st in s/f1 55.65secs; 8th in final, 55.61secs; Nicola Coffey, Hammer, (qual. gr.A), 16th, 52.63m (48.67m, 52.63m, x ); Olivia Kelleher, Hammer, 3 foul throws; Gillian O'Sullivan, 10k Walk, 23rd, 48.24; Patrice Dockery, Wheelchair 800m, 6th, 2:16.41; Gary Ryan, 200m, 1st round (ht2/-0.8), 3rd, 20.76secs (SB); (s/f2/-1.8), 8th, 21.28secs; Paul Brizzell, 200m, 1st round, (ht4/-0.6), 7th, 21.25secs; Eugene Farrell, 400m, 1st round (ht1), 8th, 47.56secs; James McElroy, 800m, 1st in round 1 (ht1), 1:46.81; 3rd in s/f1, 1:47.66; 4th in final, 1:45.46; David Matthews, 800m, 1st round (ht3), 6th, 1:47.39; (s/f1), 8th, 1:49.65; James Nolan, 800m, 1st round, (ht5), 2nd, 1:48.36; (s/f2) 6th, 1:48.50; Niall Bruton, 1500m, (s/f2), 7th, 3:39.58; final, 12th, 3:47.48; Mark Carroll, 5000m, 3rd in final, 13:38.15; Peter Coghlan, 110mH, 1st round (ht2), 5th, 14.00secs; Tom McGuirk, 400mH, 1st round, (ht3), 7th, 49.92secs; (s/f2) 7th, 51.12secs; Nick Sweeney, Discus, (qual. rd1), 8th, 60.36m (x, x, 60.36m); Paddy McGrath, Hammer, (qual. grA), 17th, 66.25m (65.71m, 66.13m, 66.25m);Terry McHugh, Javelin, (qual. gr/B), 13th, 72.82m (72.82m, 72.71m, 72.76m); Michael Casey, 20k Walk, 25th, 1:38.58; Pierce O'Callaghan, 20k Walk, DNF;

2002 Munich, Aug 6/11

Ciara Sheehy, 200m, 3rd of 7 in round 1 (ht1 of 4), 23,25secs [w -1.1m/s, Reaction 0.163secs], 5th in s/f1, 23.47secs [w +1.0m/s, Reaction 0.163secs]; Sarah Reilly, 200m, 6th of 7 in round 1 (ht3 of 4), 24.03secs, [w +0.0m/s, Reaction 0.137secs]; Derval O'Rourke, 100mH, 5th in round 1 (ht4 of 5), 13.41secs, [w +0.3m/s, Reaction 0.149secs]; Adrienne McIvor, 800m, 6th (of 7) in round 1 (ht3), 2:05.01; Geraldine Hendricken, 1500m, 8th in round 1 (ht2 of 3), 4:18.13; Maria Lynch, 1500m, 8th in round 1 (ht3 of 3), 4:14.41; Una English, 5000m, 15th (of 23) in final, 16:19.36; Maria McCambridge, 5000m, 19th (of 23)in final, 17:00.15; Sonia O'Sullivan, 5000m, 2nd (of 23) in final, 15:14.85; 10,000m, 2nd (of 29) in final , 30:47.59 (NR) Marie (McMahon) Davenport, 10,000m, 17th (of 29) in final , 32:35.11; Anne Keenan-Buckley, 10,000m, 16th (of 29) in final , 33:19.94; Gillian O'Sullivan, 20k Walk, 4th of 26 in final (17 finished), [22:29 at 5k (8th), 44.28 at 10k (3rd), 1:06.27 at 15k (3rd), 1:28.46 (NR) at 20k (4th)]; Olivia Loughnane, 20k Walk, 13th of 26 in final (17 finished), [22:50 at 5k (21st), 45:57 at 10k 918th), 1:09.27 at 15k (15th), 1:33.08 at 20k (13th)]; Eileen O'Keeffe, Hammer, 15th of 22, ( qual. gr. A), 59.64m [56.65m, 56.79m, 59.64m]

Paul Brizzell, 200m,6th (of 6) in round 1, (ht3 of 5), 21.32secs, [ w +0.1m/s, Reaction 0.163secs]* see below; Gary Ryan, 200m, 6th of 7 in round 1 (ht4 of 5), 20.93secs (SB) [w +0.8secs, Reaction 0.255secs], 6th in s/f1, 20.98secs; Paul Hession, 200m, 7th of 7 in round 1, 21.28secs, (ht 5 of 5) [w +0.1m/s, Reaction 0.155secs]; David McCarthy, 400m7th in round 1 (ht1), 47.30secs; Paul McKee, 400m, 2nd in round 1 (ht2), 46.03secs; Robert Daly, 400m, 5th in round 1, 46.67secs; James Nolan, 1500m, 8th in round 1, 3:48.48; Peter Coghlan, 110mH, 5th of 8 in round 1 (ht4 of 5), 13.96secs[w -0.1m/s, Reaction 0.135secs]; Mark Carroll, 5000m, 6th (of 22) in final, 13:42.87 (SB); Terry McHugh, Javelin, DNF (Took one throw, no mark); Robert Heffernan, 20k Walk, 8th in final, 1:21.10 (29 started, 23 finished); Jamie Costin, 50k Walk, DNF (DQ); 4x400m Relay (Robert Daly, Paul McKee, Antoine Burke, David McCarthy), 4th in round 1 (ht1 of 2), 3:13.73, (NR), [Reaction 0.137secs]; 5th in final, 3:04.13 [Reaction 0.161secs]
* Paul Brizzell was impeded by a TV camera in his heat. The Irish team management protested to the organisers and asked that the race be re-run. This request was refused but Brizzell was offered a re-run, on his own, in his original lane eight. He ran this after a rest of two hours and accomplished a time of 21.19secs, but this was not sufficient to qualify him for the next round.