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The following is a list of all athletes who competed for Ireland since the foundation of the State in 1922, with their performances, where known.   Also shown is a list of Irish-born  Olympic medal winners in Track and Field, prior to Ireland being affiliated, as a separate nation, to the IOC.

Waterford athletes and officials are shown in blue.  Our club, Waterford A.C. has had at least one Olympian in every Olympic Games from 1980 to 2000.

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Before 1922


1896.jpg (25409 bytes) Athens, 1896

No Irish medal winners


1900.jpg (33191 bytes) Paris, 1900

John Flanagan (USA), (Moortown, Kilbreedy, Co. Limerick) Hammer 1st 49.73m (163ft 1in); Pat Leahy (GB), (Cregane, Charleville, Co. Cork) High jump 2nd 1.78m, Long jump 3rd 6.95m.


1904.jpg (47191 bytes) St. Louis, 1904

John Flanagan (USA), (Moortown, Kilbreedy, Co. Limerick) Hammer 1st 51.23m (168ft 1in), 56lbs from circle 2nd 10.16m; Martin Sheridan (USA), (Bohola, Co. Mayo) Discus 1st 39.28m (128ft 10½in); Tom Kiely (IRL), (Ballyneale, Ck.on Suir) Decathlon 1st 6036pts#; John Daly (IRL), (Ballyglunin, Co. Galway) 2500m Steeplechase 2nd 7:40.6; James Mitchell (USA), Emly, Co. Tipperary)  56lbs from circle 3rd 10.13m.                                                                                                                      

#Tom Kiely's win in the Decathlon, then known as the "All-Around Championship" was noteworthy as all ten events were held on the same day.  The events were; 100yds, Shot Putt, High Jump, 800yard walk, Hammer, Pole Vault, 120yards Hurdles, 56lbs Weight Throw, Long Jump, Mile.  Kiely's performances were as follows: 11.2, 10.82, 1.52, 3:59.0, 36.76, 2.74, 17.8, 8.91, 5.94, 5:51.0.  John Holloway (Co. Clare) was fourth in this competition with 5273pts.


1906.jpg (22436 bytes) Athens, 1906

Martin Sheridan (USA), (Bohola, Co. Mayo) Discus 1st 41.46m (136ft 0in), Shot Putt 1st 12.33m (40ft 51/4in), Standing Long jump 2nd 3.10m, Standing High Jump 2nd 1.40m, Stone throw-6.40kg 2nd 19.04m; Peter O'Connor (GB), (Ashford, Co. Wicklow & Waterford City) Hop,step and jump 1st 14.08m, Long jump 2nd 7.02m; Con Leahy (GB), (Charleville, Co. Cork) High Jump 1st 1.78m, Hop, step and jump 2nd 13.98m; John McGough (GB), (Co. Monaghan) 1500m 2nd 4:12.6.


1908.jpg (29918 bytes) London, 1908

John Flanagan (USA), (Moortown, Kilbreedy, Co. Limerick) Hammer 1st 51.92m (170ft 4in); Matt McGrath (USA), (Nenagh, Co. Tipperary) Hammer 2nd 51.18m (167ft 11in); Con Walsh (USA), (Carriganimma, Co. Cork) Hammer 3rd 48.51m (159ft 1in); Martin Sheridan (USA), (Bohola, Co. Mayo) Discus 1st 40.89m , Discus-Greek style 1st 38.00m, Standing long jump 3rd 3.23m; Tim Ahearne (GB), (Direen, Athea, Co. Limerick) Hop, step and jump 1st 14.92m (OR), (WR); John Hayes (USA), (Nenagh, Co. Tipperary) Marathon 1st 2:55:18 (OR); Con Leahy (GB), (Cregane, Charleville, Co. Cork) High Jump 2nd 1.88m; Robert Kerr (CAN), (Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh) 200m 1st 22.6secs; 100m 3rd 11.0secs; Denis Horgan (GB), (Banteer, Co. Cork) Shot Putt 2nd 13.62m.


1912.jpg (43127 bytes) Stockholm, 1912

Pat McDonald (USA), (Born Pat McDonnell, Co. Clare) Shot putt 1st 15.34m, Hammer-Two hands 2nd; Matt McGrath (USA), (Nenagh, Co. Tipperary) Hammer 1st 54.74m (OR); Kennedy McArthur (SAF), (Dervock, Co. Antrim) Marathon 1st 2:36:54.


1920.jpg (27078 bytes) Antwerp, 1920

Pat Ryan (USA), (Old Pallas, Co. Limerick) Hammer 1st 52.88m, 56lbs from circle 2nd 10.97m; Pat McDonald (USA), Born Pat McDonnell, Co. Clare) 56lbs from circle 1st 11.27m (OR), Pat Flynn, (Bandon, Co. Cork) Steeplechase 2nd.


All of the following were in the colours of Ireland    


1924.jpg (37420 bytes) Paris,1924

W.J.Lowe, 100m, 200m; Sean Lavan, 400m, 2nd round ; Norman McEachern, 800m, 2nd round; J.Kelly, 3k Steeplechase; J.J.Ryan, 5000m, 10000m; W.Shanahan, Decathlon; P.J.Bermingham, Discus; J.O'Grady, Shot Putt; Larry Stanley, High Jump; J.Connor, Hop, Step and Jump; General Murphy, Manager.


1928.jpg (39607 bytes) Amsterdam, 1928

Denis J.Cussen, 100m, 2nd round; L.D.E.Cullen, 200m; Sean Lavan, 200m, 400m, 2nd 1st round, 5th 2nd round; M.J.McEachern, 800m, 2nd 1st round, semi-final; G.N.Coughlan, 800m, 1500m, 3k Steeplechase, DNF; A.F.Clark, 110m Hurdles; P.Anglim, Long jump; Theo.D.Phelan, Hop, Step and Jump, 13.73m; Pat.O'Callaghan, Hammer, 1st, 51.39m; C.O'Callaghan, Decathlon; R.J.Rowlette, Official; E.C.Fleming, Official.


1932.jpg (44055 bytes) Los Angeles, 1932

Robert M.N.Tisdall, 400m Hurdles,1st, 51.7secs (NR); Decathlon, 8th, 7327pts (6398 on 1985 tables); Pat O'Callaghan, Hammer, 1st, 53.92m; Eamon Fitzgerald, Hop, Step and Jump, 4th, 15.01m; Michael Murphy, Steeplechase; T. Maloney, Masseur; Roddy Kirwan, Judge; Percy Kirwan, Judge.


1936.jpg (25529 bytes) Berlin, 1936

No team was sent.


1948.jpg (29191 bytes) London, 1948

Jimmy P.Reardon, 400m, 1st round 48.4secs, 5th S/F 47.8secs; John Joe Barry, 1500m, 8th in 1st round, 5000m, DNF; P.Fahy, 10000m, DNF; D.Coyle, Hammer; Dave Guiney, Shot Putt, 45ft 7½ins; Cummin Clancy, Discus, 138ft 6ins; F.P.Mulvihill, Marathon;  J.Paul Dolan, J.P.Reardon, R.J.Myles, C.O'Cleirigh and C.Denroch, 4x400m Relay, DQ; J.S.Palmer, C.Rothwell, Managers; T.Maguire, coach.


1952.jpg (25237 bytes) Helsinki, 1952

J.Paul Dolan, 100m, 3rd 1st round, 200m 2nd round 21.9 (NR), 400m 3rd 1st round; J.West, Marathon, 49th; Billy Morton, Manager.


1956.jpg (18295 bytes) Melbourne, 1956

Mrs. Maeve Kyle, 100m 6th 1st round 12.48secs, 200m, 5th 1st round 26.57secs; Ron M.Delany, 800m, 1500m 1st 3:41.2 (OR); Eamon Kinsella, 110m Hurdles 4th 1st round 14.6secs;  Brendan O'Reilly was selected for the High Jump but did not travel.

1960.jpg (20830 bytes) Rome, 1960

Mrs. Maeve Kyle, 100m 6th 1st round 12.5secs, 200m 5th 1st round 24.9secs; Paddy Lowry, 100m 6th 1st round 10.9secs, 200m 5th 1st round 22.1; Ron M.Delany, 800m, 3rd 1st round 1:51.0, 6th 2nd round 1:51.1; Mick Hoey, 5000m 10th 1st round 15:00.0; Frank O'Reilly, 50k Walk; George McIntyre, Marathon, 22nd 2:26:03; Bertie Messitt, Marathon DNF; Willie Dunne, Marathon, 42nd 2:33;08;  John Lawlor, Hammer, 4th 64.95m;  Louis Vandendries, Manager. 

1964.jpg (18039 bytes) Tokyo, 1964

Mrs. Maeve Kyle, 400m 4th 1st round 55.4secs, 7th S/F 55.3secs, 800m 5th 1st round 2:11.3, 8th S/F 2:12.9; Noel Carroll, 800m 5th 1st round 1:49.9, 7th S/F 1:48.4; Basil Clifford, 1500m 8th 1st round 3:54.9; Tom O'Riordan, 5000m 9th 1st round 14:08.8; Jim Hogan, 10000m DNF, Marathon DNF; John Lawlor, Hammer 59.09m 1st round;  Louis Vandendries, Official.


1968.jpg (32939 bytes) Mexico City, 1968

Noel Carroll, 400m, 6th 1st round, 45.8secs, 800m 3rd 1st round, 1:49.0; Frank Murphy, 1500m 10th 1st round, 3:54.8; John Kelly, 50k Walk DNF; Mick Molloy, Marathon 41st, 2:48:13; Pat McMahon, Marathon 12th 2:29;21; Brendan Foreman, Manager.


1972.jpg (21074 bytes) Munich, 1972

Margaret Murphy, 100m Hurdles 1st round, 15.89secs, Pentathlon 27th, 3770pts; Claire Walsh, 800m 7th 1st round 2:08.98; Mary Tracey, 800m 4th 1st round 2:04.18, 1500m 6th 1st round 4:16.43 (NR); Fanaghan McSweeney, 400m 5th 1st round, 47.1secs; Frank Murphy, 800m 3rd 1st round, 1:51.1, 5th S/F 1:49.2, 1500m 5th 1st round, 3:43.4; Eddie Leddy, 3k Steeplechase 9th 1st round, 8:47.4; John Hartnett, 5000m 12th 1st round, 14:34.6; Mick Keogh, 5000m 5th 1st round, 13:57.8; Neil Cusack, 10000m 10th 1st round, 28:45.8; Donie Walsh, Marathon 47th, 2:31:12 ; Des McGann, Marathon 42nd, 2:28:31; Danny McDaid, Marathon 23rd, 2:22:25; Phil Conway, Shot Putt 16.69m;  E.Spillane, Manager; P.Griffin, Coach.


1976.jpg (14346 bytes) Montreal, 1976

Mary Purcell (Tracey), 1500m 5th 1st round 4:08.63 (NR); Niall O'Shaughnessy, 800m 5th 1st round 1:49.29, 1500m 4th 1st round 3:40.12; Eamon Coghlan, 1500m 1st 1st round 3:39.87, 1st S/F 3:38.60, 4th Final 3:39.51; Eddie Leddy, 5000m 11th 1st round 13:40.54 (NR), 10000m 9th 1st round 28:55.9; Neil Cusack, Marathon 55th 2:35:47; Danny McDaid, Marathon 42nd 2:27:07; Jim McNamara, Marathon 39th 2:24:57;  Ronnie Long, Marathon; Des deLoughrey, Coach.


1980.jpg (19178 bytes) Moscow, 1980

Ray Flynn, 1500m 6th 1st round 3:42.0; Eamon Coghlan, 5000m 3rd 1st round 13:45.4, 2nd S/F 13:28.8,  4th Final 13:22.8; John Treacy, 5000m 4th 1st round 13:44.8, 4th S/F 13:40.3, 7th Final 13:23.7, 10000m 1st round DNF; Mick O'Shea, 5000m 10th 1st round; Pat Hooper, Marathon 42nd 2:26:41; Dick Hooper, Marathon 38th 2:23:51; Sean Egan, Hammer 16th 1st round 63.94m; Liam Hennessy, Manager; Pádraig Griffin, Coach.


1984.jpg (33947 bytes) Los Angeles, 1984

Mary Parr, 400m Hurdles 7th 1st round 61.66secs; Caroline O'Shea, 800m 2nd 1st round, 4th S/F, 8th Final 2:00.77; Monica Joyce, 3000m 5th S/F 8:54.34; Roisin Smyth, 9th 1st round 9:01.69; Patricia Walsh, Discus Qual. Round 54.42m, 9th Final 55.38m; Regina Joyce, Marathon 23rd 2:37.57; Carey May, Marathon 28th 2:41.27; Marcus O'Sullivan, 800m 6th S/F 1:46.21 (NR), 1500m 9th S/F 3:39.40; Frank O'Mara, 4th 1st round; Paul Donovan, 4th 1st round; Ray Flynn, 5000m 4th 1st round 13:46.84, 4th S/F 13:40.70, 11th Final 13:34.50; Liam O'Brien, 3k Steeplechase 8th 1st round 8:31.89, 11th S/F 8:34.90; JohnTreacy, 10000m 5th S/F 28:18.13, 9th Final 28:28.68, Marathon 2nd 2:09.56; Jerry Kiernan, Marathon 9th 2:12.00; Declan Hegarty, Hammer 1st round 70.56m; Conor McCullough, Hammer 1st round 65.56m;  P.l.Curran, Manager; Lar O'Byrne, Coach.


1988.jpg (27675 bytes) Seoul, 1988

Barbara Johnson, 400m Hurdles 6th 1st round 58.61secs; Ann Keenan-Buckley, 3000m 13th 1st round 9:03.10; Ailish Smyth, Marathon 46th 2:44.17; Marie Murphy-Rollins, Marathon 57th 2:54.37; T.J.Kearns, 110m Hurdles; Marcus O'Sullivan, 1500m, 8th Final 3.38.39; Gerry O'Reilly, 1500m; Brendan Quinn, 3k Steeplechase, 9th 1st round, 8:40.87, 11th S/F 8:43.34; Eamon Coghlan, 5000m; John Doherty, 5000m, 9th Final; Frank O'Mara, 5000m; John Treacy, Marathon DNF; Dick Hooper, Marathon; John Woods, Marathon; Terry McHugh, Javelin 22nd; Conor McCullough, Hammer; Carlos O'Connell, Decathlon; Jimmy McDonald, 20k Walk, 17th;  Christy Wall, Manager; Siobhan Treacy, Physiotherapist; Jim Kilty, Declan O'Donoghue, Coaches.


1992.jpg (25533 bytes) Barcelona, 1992

Sonia O'Sullivan, 1500m 11th S/F 4:06.24; 3000m 4th Final 8:47.41; Catherina McKiernan, 3000m 8th 1st round 8:57.91; Perri Williams, 10k Walk 37th 54.53; T.J.Kearns, 110m Hurdles 1st round 13.63secs (NR), 2nd round 13.78secs; Marcus O'Sullivan, 1500m 3:37.07 1st round, 3:37.16 S/F; Frank O'Mara, 5000m 4th 1st round 13:38.79; John Doherty, 5000m 6th 1st round 13:41.27; Paul Donovan, 5000m 10th 1st round 14:03.79; Sean Dollman, 10000m 16th 1st round 28:55.77; Noel Berkeley, 10000m 17th 1st round 29:23.58; John Treacy, Marathon 51st 2:24:11; Andy Ronan, Marathon DNF; Tommy Hughes, Marathon 72nd 2:32:55; Victor Costello, Shot Putt 17.15m 1st round; Paul Quirke, Shot Putt 17.01m; Nicky Sweeney, Discus 57.68m 1st round; Terry McHugh, Javelin 73.26m 1st round; Jimmy McDonald, 20k Walk 6th 1:25:16,  Bobby O'Leary, 20k Walk DNF;  Paddy Marley, Manager; Joe Doonan, Coach; Ciaran Coakley, Coach.


96logo.jpg (20553 bytes)

 Atlanta, 1996

Sonia O'Sullivan, 1500m 11th 1st round, 5000m DNF; Sinéad Delahunty, 1500m 9th 1st round 4:12.52; Marie McMahon, 5000m 14th 1st round 15:59.12; Kathy McCandless 5000m 10th 1st round 15:55.66; Catherina McKiernan, 10000m 6th 1st round 32:32.10, 11th Final 32:00:38; Susan Smith, 400m Hurdles 3rd 1st round 55.22secs , 5th S/F 54.93secs (NR); Deirdre Gallagher, 10k Walk 23rd 45;27.00; Neil Ryan, 100m 7th 1st round, 10.74secs; Gary Ryan, 200m 1st round 20.78secs (NR), 7th 2nd round 20.89secs; Eugene Farrell, 400m, 47.18secs 1st round; David Mathews, 800m 4th 1st round 1:46.76, 5th S/F 1:47.83; Marcus O'Sullivan, 1500m 6th 1st round 3:38.16; Niall Bruton, 1500m 3rd 1st round 3:37.42, 12th S/F 3:42.88; Shane Healy, 1500m 5th 1st round 3:37.28, 11th S/F 3:39.91; Cormac Finnerty, 5000m 13.54 1st round, S/F ; Sean Dollman, 10000m, 19th 1st round 29:19:03; T.J.Kearns, 110m Hurdles 3rd 1st round 13.67secs, 5th 2nd round round 13.55secs (NR); Sean Cahill, 110m Hurdles 7th 1st round 14.28secs; Tom McGuirk, 400m Hurdles 5th 1st round 50.76secs; Jimmy McDonald, 20k Walk 51st; Mark Mandy, High Jump 23rd 2.20m; Nick Sweeney, Discus 62.04m 1st round; Terry McHugh, Javelin 72.84m; Roman Linscheid, Hammer


Sydlogo.jpg (40438 bytes)

Sydney, 2000

Sarah Reilly, 100m, 3rd round 1, 11.56secs,[ht2, -0.2m/s, Reaction 0.181secs]; 7th round 2, 11.53secs, [ht4, +0.7m/s, Reaction 0.185secs]; 200m, 5th round 1, 23.43secs, [ht2, w -0.3m/s, Reaction 0.175secs]; Karen Shinkins, 400m, 4th round 1, 53.27secs [ht3]; Sinéad Delahunty, 1500m, 7th round 1, 4:11.75 [ht3]; Sonia O'Sullivan, 5000m, 1st round 1, 15:07.91 (SB), [ht1, 16 competitors]; 2nd final, 14:41.02 (NR); 10,000m, 7th round 1 32:29.93; [ht1] 22 competitors; 6th final, 30:53.37 (NR) [20 competitors]; Rosemary Ryan, 5000m, 8th round 1, 15:33.05 [ht1, 16 competitors]; Breda Dennehy-Willis, 5000m, 13th round 1, 15:49.58 [ht3, 17 competitors]; Susan Smith-Walsh, 400mH, 4th round 1, 57.08secs; Gillian O'Sullivan, 20k Walk, 10th, 1:33.10, [57 competitors]; Relay, 4x400m, Women, 6th round 1, 3:32.24 (NR), (Karen Shinkins, Martina McCarthy, Emily Maher, Ciara Sheehy}; Paul Brizzell, 100m, 4th round 1 (ht4, -0.4m/s), 10.62secs, Reaction 0.205secs; 200m, 4th round 1, 20.98secs, [ht9, w -0.1m/s, Reaction 0.178secs]; Tomás Coman, 400m, 5th round 1, 46.17secs; David Matthews, 800m, 5th round 1, 1:48.77secs [ht2]; James Nolan, 9th round 1, 3:40.50, [ht1, 12 competitors]; Mark Carroll, 5000m, 7th round 1, 13:30.60 [ht2]; Peter Coghlan, 110mH, 6th round 1, 14.03secs, [ht2, +0.4m/s, Reaction 0.198secs]; 7th round 2, 13.86secs (SB), [ht4, w +0.3m/s, Reaction 0.182secs]; Tom McGuirk, 400mH, 7th round 1, 51.73secs, [ht4]; John Menton, Discus, 20th qual group A, 54.21m, [x, 54.21m, 50.29m], 23 competitors; Nicky Sweeney, Discus, 18th qual group B, 57.37m, [56.73m, 56.24m, 57.37m], 23 competitors; Terry McHugh, Javelin, 13th qual group A, 79.90m [79.90m, 77.33m, 79.40m], 18 competitors; Paddy McGrath, Hammer, 20th qual group A, 67.00m, [67.00m, 64.09m, 64.35m, ] 22 competitors; Brendan Reilly, High Jump, 11th qual group B, 2.20m, [17 competitors]; Robert Heffernan, 20k Walk, 28th, 1:26.04 [48 starters]; Jamie Costin, 50k Walk, 38th, 4:24.52 [56 starters]; Relay, 4x100m, Men, 4th round 1, 39.26secs (NR) [ht3], (John McAdorey, Gary Ryan, Tom Comyns, Paul Brizzell) ; Relay, 4x400m, Men, 3rd round 1, 3:07.42, (Paul McKee, Tomás Coman, Robert Daly, Paul Opperman).


Athens, 2004