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Track & Field Schedule


Friday        15 Sept 2000    Opening Ceremony

Friday        22/9/00    10.00am - 02.30pm

Women:    800m Rd 1;  100m Rd 1

Men:          Javelin, Qual Rd;  400m Rd 1;  20k Walk Final

                  Shot Putt Qual Rd;  100m Rd 1

                             06.30pm - 10.30pm

Women:    400m Rd 1;  Wheelchair 800m demo;  TJ Qual Rd;

                  100m Rd 2;  5000m Rd 1

Men:          HJ Qual Rd;  Shot Putt Final;  Wheelchair

                  1500m demo;  100m Rd 2, 10000m Rd 1

Saturday 23/9/00    10.00am - 01.30pm

Women:    Heptathlon 100mH;  Heptathlon High Jump

Men:          Hammer Throw Qual Rd, 800m Rd 1

                                 06.00pm - 10.40pm

Women:    Heptathlon Shot Putt;  100m S/F;  PV Qual Rd; 

                  400m Rd 2;  800m S/F;  100m Final;  Heptathlon 200m

Men:          TJ Qual Rd;  100m S/F;  400m Rd 2;  Javelin Final;

                  800m Rd 2;  100m Final;  10000m Rd 1

Sunday    24/9/00    10.00am - 12.30pm

Women:    Discus Qual Rd;  Heptathlon Long Jump;  Marathon

Men:          110mH Rd 1  

                                  04.30pm - 10.30pm

Women:    Heptathlon Javelin;  Triple Jump Final;  400mH Rd 1;

                   400m S/F;  Heptathlon 800m (final event);  

                    Wheelchair 800m Demonstration;                                                                                     

Men:          Hammer Final;  High Jump Final; 110mH Rd 2;  

                    400m S/F;  Wheelchair 1500m Demonstration;  

                    400mH Rd 1               

Monday    25/9/00    10.00am - 01.00pm

Women:    100mH Rd 1;  Discus Qualifying Rd

Men:          Long Jump Qualifying Rd

                                    06.00pm - 09.45pm

Women:    PV Final;  100mH Rd 2;  Discus Final;  400mH S/F;

                   400m Final;  5000m Final;  800m Final

Men:          Discus Final;  110mH S/F;  1500m Rd 1;  TJ Final;  

                  400m Final;  110mH Final;  10000m Final;  

                  400mH S/F;  800m S/F                                   

Tuesday     26/9/00     Rest Day

Wednesday    27/9/00    10.00am - 02.15pm

Women:    200m Rd 1;  1500m Rd 1;  10000m Rd 1;  

                  Hammer Qual Rd;

Men:          Decathlon 100m;   200m Rd 1;  Decathlon Shot;

                  3K Steeplechase Rd 1   

                                         05.00pm - 10.40pm

Women:    100mH S/F;  200m Rd 2;  Discus Final;  

                   100mH Final;  400mH Final;  Long Jump Qual Rd;  

                    Shot Putt Qual Rd

Men:         Decathlon High Jump;  3k S/Chase Final;  

                  200m Rd 2;  PV Qual Rd;  400mH Final;  800m Final;  

                   5000m Rd 1;  Decathlon 400m;  1500m S/F

Thursday    28/9/00    10.00am - 01.30pm

Women:    20k Walk Final;  High Jump Qual Rd;  

Men:          Decathlon 110mH;  Decathlon Discus

                                      03.30 - 10.10pm

Women:    Shot Putt Qual Rd;  200m S/F;  1500m S/F;  

                  200m Final

Men:          Decathlon PV;  200m S/F;  Decathlon Javelin;  

                    Long Jump Final;  200m Final;  

                   Decathlon 1500m           

Friday    29/9/00    11.30am - 02.40pm

Women:    Javelin Qual Rd;  4x100m Rd 1;  

Men:          4x100m Rd 1;  4x400m Rd 1;  50k Walk (Start)

                                06.00pm - 09.40pm

Women:    Long Jump Final;  4x100m S/F;  4x400m Rd 1;  

                   Hammer Final

Men:          50k Walk (Finish);  PV Final;  4x100m S/F;  

                   4x400m S/F;  1500m Final;  3K S/C Final

Saturday    30/9/00    07.00pm - 10.30pm

Women:    High Jump Final;  4x100m Final;  

               Javelin Final;  1500m Final;  4x400m Final;  

               10000m Final               

Men:          4x100m Final;  5000m Final;  4x400m Final

                  Closing Ceremony


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